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Top 5 bridal shower tips


Planning a shower to celebrate the fabulous bride-to-be? Check out our Top 5 tips for creating a memorable experience.

Include others in the planning process

Start brainstorming ideas and incorporating feedback from the wedding party as early as possible. Leading the coordination of the shower is a big (and fun!) job. Don’t forget to look to others for creative input, conversation and support. Looking to go green? Send a digital shower invite: https://www.paperlesspost.com/.

Pick a flexible theme

Use your imagination! Be sure your theme lends itself to creative interpretation and can be implemented in a variety of ways. Some four favorite themes: Travel, food-related, color, tropical, vintage – and so many more!

Plan a group activity

A group activity can be a great way to encourage shower attendees to rmix, mingle and have fun. Group activities that incorporate personal knowledge of the bride are a great way to bring attendees together.

Leave time for guests to mingle

Often times showers can be jam packed with activities. Be sure to build in time for guests to chat with each other leisurely with conversation cues like old photos as centerpieces and/or other passive engagement activities.

Stay organized and have fun

Making a list is the best way to ensure you stay on target with planning and communication. check out this great tool from Real Simple.