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Greening Your Event


It’s easy to add green elements to your event. Recycling, composting and upcycling are all common ways to build in sustainability to your special day. Here are a few easy ways to kick off your greening:

Send electronic invites – paperless post is full of gorgeous digital invites. Express yourself and help conserve paper, postage and energy.

Upcycle your decorations – utilize recycled elements and/or vintage store finds wherever possible. This will enhance creativity and give old items a new use.

Encourage or provide group/alternative transportation – carpooling, city transport and cycling are all great ways to reduce the carbon footprint for your event.

Give party favors with purpose – consider seed packets, seasonal fruit, jam, homemade cheese or herbs/spices instead of traditional party favors.

Choose organic, local food for your menu – customizing your menu with your favorite local and seasonal items help reduce fuel needed to bring ingredients to your location. Choosing organic items will also ensure the best possible environmental considerations for food items on your menu as well.